Feeling lost or stuck in your pursuit of bodily, mind or spiritual fitness? You've tried all the latest health fads without avail and find yourself still searching for balance? Want more energy, confidence, agility or vitality? With the guidance of a certified Wellness Coach, all your desires and dreams are possible.

*For area codes 920, 715, 608 & 262 only please* You may not be the only one in your household wanting or needing something more for your health and wellness. Your entire family unit can benefit from positive changes to support an environment conducive to good health, wellness and fitness.

Expense, time, not convenient, feeling awkward or uncomfortable...there are many reasons not to opt for more traditional fitness methods. Foxxie Fitness and Wellness takes all your worries away. With an annual or monthly video subscription, you can participate in our workout sessions wherever & whenever! New workouts are continually added to our video library to help keep you motivated to move!

Join our in-person group classes (live classes listed right) or subscribe to download these exciting workout sessions so you can participate wherever & whenever!

Both of these evidenced based programs as developed by Human Kinetics™ offer step by step solutions to improving diet (HEED) or fitness (ALED) for the beginner or novice. With the added benefit of peer support, these programs are perfect for small groups such as employer groups, community centers, community living centers or fitness centers to name a few.

Bored with your fitness routine? Need a suggestion, new fitness move or motivation? Take a chance-simply roll the dice to view a random fitness move including instructions & demonstration. Enjoy one new move a day or all the moves at once-just keep rolling!